murder on cape cod

Knowledge and understanding of bridge isn't necessary for uderstanding and enjoyment of this book

  The primary venue for this novel is a bridge tournament on Cape Cod.  Although we meet most of the main characters in Sarasota, FL, the murder does not occur until well into the story.  In the meantime,  enjoyment of beautiful Cape Cod keeps the action constantly moving.  However,  as the story leads us quickly forward , the reader will find the development of the characters leading up to the  act a fascinating read:     Jennie Worth and Phil Waterman, the characters through whom the story develops; Marianne, the almost sociopathic narcissist; her daughter Lydia, whom she verbally abuses and who was sexually molested by her father; Sue Adams, Marianne's bridge partner; and the many others who populate their lives lead the area's Police Chief Wells on the ride of his life.

 A must-read you won’t be able to put down.



Awaiting Tournament Murder Sequels

I couldn't put this book down!

A Quick and Very Enjoyable Read

There was so much more than just a  murder story here. 

Great read!

Once you start it you have to keep reading  it…

Plenty of Twists and Turns!

 Characters were well developed and believable.

Couldn't put this book down!

 This was a great, intricately woven story with wonderful, believable characters! “

Loved it!

Read it over one  weekend.   I couldn’t put it down.

Excellent story

Many characters add to this mystery. 

New author with  lots of promise.

Loved the Characters

Didn't want to put the book down.