LONG TIME PASSING:History of a Jewish Family

He came to America seeking freedom. He went to war to give it to others.

      Germany, 1934:. Dr. Hans Cohn sees a frightening future in a country run by Nazis.  With Hitler in power and anti-Semitism on the rise, the young Jewish physician and his fiancée Hilde flee to America. Out of money but full of hope, they leave leave New York City and at last find refuge in the growing arts mecca of Woodstock, N.Y. 

     As the world around them creeps closer to war, Hans and Hilde devote their energies to helping relatives escape almost certain death. But when the U.S. enters the conflict, Hans knows what he must do: enlist in the Army to fight for all those who couldn't make it out in time.  

     Told through photographs, Hans's own letters from the war, and recorded interviews with Hilde, Ruth C. Howard meticulously documents her family's extraordinary journey. Her story is a must-read for anyone seeking a detailed account of the complicated and compelling immigrant experience.  

     Long Time Passing: History of a Jewish Family​ is an inspirational tale of dedication and self-sacrifice. If you like real-life heroes, rich historical detail, and the triumph of the human spirit, you’ll love Ruth C. Howard’s fascinating family account.   


Relive a legacy of bravery today!

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A Remarkable Work of Nonfiction

This book is absolutely accurate. It was well-researched and filled in many of the details.

If You Grew Up in New York

during the time period covered in this book, you have to relate to Ruth's experiences.

Especially Good

This story of a family is well  written...not at all too "gushy"..but easy to see the love and respect the author has for her family and extended family. 

An intersection of my family and Ruth's

 was briefly described in this well written book.   I have enjoyed reading this book a lot.