A director dies

      A head tournament bridge director is murdered during a heavy thunderstorm and electrical blackout. But you don't have to know anything about bridge to enjoy this murder mystery so read on.
     The Sheriff and local Police Captain are tasked with unraveling the clues which point to any number of viable suspects--the ambitious assistant director who now becomes the head director; the local unit president who had a major disagreement with the victim; the tournament co-chairs; the other directors; and on and on. Through all the twists and turns, the reader is challenged, along with the investigators, to figure out "whodunit," how and why, before the unexpected ending. The obvious isn't always obvious--or is it?


reviews (3-4-5 stars)


You will love following the characters in this story.

For a New Author

she shows great promise.

Very Good

I have to think it is more interesting if you are a bridge player and understand the politics involved.