Long Time Passing - Updated Paperback (see mfg for  price)

Originally written and published as a kind of legacy for her three grandchildren, Long Time Passing is the product of many hours of recorded interviews with Ruth Howard's mother.  After her mother’s death, many letters were discovered which no one knew about but which provided even more depth to the knowledge Ruth had been garnering for a number of years.

Her father, a doctor, had written almost daily from his various postings in the Philippines during World War II, describing in almost painful detail how it felt being under fire.  These letters were a complete revelation to his family.

How other members of their family survived the Nazis (or did not survive) provides a wealth of information about life in this terrible time, both in Germany and in the U.S.

Despite the obvious personal orientation of this story, many non-family readers have found themselves drawn into the history and life of people they had never met.  Surprised at the general acceptance of this book, Ruth has decided to offer it here for others who  might be interested in a true story of  a time many may prefer to forget—but should not.

Chock full of old pictures, not only of people but of papers and documents, we are reminded that, with today’s reliance on e-mail, the wealth of hand-written letters and pictures, many from the earlier days of photography, may not be available to families in the future.


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Long Time Passing - Updated Paperback (see mfg for price)

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