When Is It Our Turn - Short Story (Paperback only

Long-time friends, Annette and Hannah, meet for lunch and their conversation turns, as it so often does, to their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the younger generation.  As middle-aged women, both having been brought up to show respect to their elders and both feeling that their children should also be respected as individuals, they often ask each other when it will become their turn to be shown respect, love and caring. They hope that perhaps old age will bring them what they need.

As Annette sifts through the memories of her early life, her German Jewish immigrant parents, with their own set of values and problems, Hannah is going through much the same processes.  Each woman’s reminiscences have been stirred by various people and circumstances in their lives..

Although for some unknown reason, Annette’s and Hannah’s friendship ends, the question, WHEN, remains foremost in the minds of both until it is answered in its own way for each woman.  

E-book version available on Kindle.

When Is It Our Turn - Short Story (Paperback only

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