Murder on Cape Cod - E-Pub Format


Jennie Worth, an avid duplicate bridge player, plans a trip from Sarasota, to a Regional Tournament in Hyannis to play with her favorite partner, Phil Waterman. She discovers that one of the players from her area whom both she and Phil prefer to avoid, is also planning to be there with her partner, Sue Adams.

Marianne Fleck is haughty, selfish, extremely self-absorbed—and rich.  She is particularly proud of her ability to attract men of all ages, an attraction which she has used, and still uses (although already in her 60’s) to get what she wants when she wants it.  Marianne’s character provides the fodder from which a fascinatingly evil character develops.

Along with her tournament activities, Jennie is juggling her strong feelings for attorney Jeff Vining, who is trying to work out problems of his own.

At the tournament, Jennie and Phil are introduced to Lydia Fleck, Marianne’s daughter, whose secret and unhappy past includes incest and abortion.  It is obvious to all that there is little love lost between mother and daughter making an already difficult situation even more uncomfortable for everyone.

During the tournament, Sue Adams is murdered and Police Chief John Wells launches the investigation.  The story takes many twists and turns as the Chief tries to ascertain whether Sue was the actual target or was killed in an attempt on Marianne’s life by her own daughter, as Marianne claims.  An ensuing attempt on Marianne’s life only adds to the confusion.

Lydia, afraid because past experiences have hardened her to even considering a relationship, meets a special man with whom, despite her misgivings, she begins to see a possible future and escape from her overpowering past.  But when her mother nastily divulges Lydia’s secret to him, he finds it so horrible that, despite his strong feelings for Lydia, he flees Hyannis, unable to reassure Lydia in any way of his ability to deal with and accept the baggage she would bring with her into a relationship.

The Chief, with Jennie and Phil’s help, conducts an extensive investigation, that takes him to Boston in hopes of finding the background information he needs to make sense of the bits and pieces thrown into the mix from all sides.  When he finds what he is looking for, the mystery unravels and the pieces begin to fit.   

The numerous subplots add spice to the story, but Jennie, Marianne and Lydia are the central characters with the story always returning to their activities.


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Murder on Cape Cod - E-Pub Format

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