Stand Your Ground - Paperback

Christina Putnam, a black army lieutenant, is raped and then stalked by Carlton Adams, a white Air Force pilot she meets in Afghanistan.

Knowing the military’s manner of handling its female members’ accusations against its men, Christina decides not to file a complaint, but rather gives up her military career and returns home.

She marries Paul Tyler, has a child (Merlina), and looks forward to a happy life with her family--until Carlton reappears, looking for her and planning to renew their previous relationship.  When he makes his move, Christina shoots but only wounds him.

The local district attorney decides to charge Christina with attempted voluntary 1st degree manslaughter.  Christina’s attorney sees the case as a perfect opportunity to use the Stand Your Ground defense, which was so much in the news during an earlier trial of a white man who shot a black teenager.   Christina’s trial is fully delineated in the main body of the story.

Following the trial, life changes for Christina and her family as the story moves to its almost inevitable conclusion, one which may well surprise the reader.


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Stand Your Ground - Paperback

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