About Ruth C. Howard

   How many people embark on a new  career at age 80? Well aware    that time is limited, waiting isn’t    an  option.

 Have you heard of the proverbial  “Renaissance Man?”  Ruth C.  Howard is a Renaissance Woman,  with a multi-faceted background and  a wide variety of interests—writing  (of course), music, theater, art, travel,  politics, public service, plus pure enjoyment of life and everything it has to offer.

Originally trained in New York as a classical singer, Ruth spent almost two years, studying in Europe and made her operatic debut in Ulm, Germany as ‘Azucena’ in Il Trovatore.  After her return to the U.S., she continued her career, performing both solo and choral works with many well-known artists including Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic.

Preferring to bring up her son away from the city environment, Ruth and her husband followed his employment offers which took them to various communities throughout the Notheast.  She continued singing but also became involved with her husband in remodeling a 100-year old house, designing and doing much of the work themselves.

 Following a divorce in 1977, Ruth moved to Sarasota, FL and has remained a Florida resident ever since.  Along with performing on stage in South Pacific at Sarasota’s Golden Apple Dinner Theater and other musical appearances, Ruth earned her Real Estate Broker’s license and eventually opened her own firm.

 The untimely death of her second husband resulted in a change in direction.  Her passion for the game of bridge led her to become a bridge teacher and director, also giving her the opportunity to attend tournaments through the country.  During this time, an interest in writing reared its head in the form of a desire to permanently record her mother’s memories of life in pre-Nazi Germany and the escape of her parents from the emerging Nazi rule of Hitler.  The book that resulted from many interviews with her mother and the treasure trove of letters she saved over the years was a labor of love and was intended as Ruth’s gift to her grandchildren, hopefully giving them a sense of their history.

The family history project unleashed in Ruth the strong desire to continue writing.  Starting with mysteries, her works expanded to simple fictional novels.  She has written six novels and one short story in addition to the family history.  Her website allows her the opportunity to offer her works to others, in hopes that they will find as much pleasure reading them as she found in creating them.